Art Direction + Design

The challenge was to illustrate the magical power of Supernatural's immersive workouts.

To bring it to life, we shot these brand spots in the same locations as our virtual reality workouts.

Creative Directors Kevin Kearney, Zach Richter, Chris Milk // Director: Neels Castillon // ACD Art Director: Rayne Chapman // Art Director: Gonzalo Bustamante // Copywriter: Leslie James // Executive Producer: Samantha Storr, Luke Ricci, Matilde Pinto, Tom O'Connell, Clint Caluory // Senior Producer: Par Guiv // Brand Marketing: Sapna Kirk and Elle Obletz // Editorial and VFX: The Mill, Anastasia Von Rahl, James Allen, Hillary Thomas, Scott Tinter, Katie Buckley // Sound Design and Mix: Lime Studios, Michael Anastasi, Michael Baran, Susie Boyajan